How to Book

We are based in Surrey but film weddings in all over the UK, predominantly in Surrey, London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Middlesex and Sussex. For weddings outside of Greater London travel charges apply – please ask us for more details.

Should you decide to go ahead and book with us, all you need to do is contact us through our contact form and we will arrange a call to take down all of your details. We ask for a 25% deposit to secure the date, once we receive this your wedding date will be reserved for you.

Please do check with your wedding venue that they allow filming of the service. We require access to the wedding venue a minimum of 30 minutes before the ceremony starts. We are fully insured and can provide details if requested.

Why choose you to video my wedding?

A wedding film can be produced in a variety of ways. We focus our attention on capturing people’s emotions and the atmosphere of the day. Therefore, we don’t employ cheesy video effects and unneeded text in our videos. Our filming is cinematic in that we don’t stand around and exclusively record from a shoulder-mounted camera perspective, but through creative experience focus on the smaller details and combine this elegantly with the larger pictures. The result: a truly cinematic film, with a variety of tempos that will entertain as well as bring back all those memories of the happiest day of your life!

Wedding Video Price Jungle?

There is a price divide. Some companies offer low prices but can’t compete on quality and experience. Our prices reflect the experience, high-end equipment, time, and skill needed to produce a professional cinematic wedding video.

What Cameras do you use?

Our primary cameras are the Sony FX3 and Sony FX6 cinema line. As far as we are aware no other wedding cinematography companies are shooting on such high-end cameras, and as such the quality of our footage is second to none. In addition, the lenses we use are of the highest quality and allow for a beautiful shallow depth-of-field look.

Do you offer 4K Filming?

As an option, we can film your wedding in stunning 4K which is the highest quality currently available with four times the pixel resolution of HD, and looks exceptional whether watching on your mobile or large screen television. In addition, we use advanced post-production filters to smooth out skin tones and produce the most flattering look possible.

Do you offer aerial drone filming?

We do offer drone filming, there is no additional cost for this, please ask if you would like this added to your wedding video package (please note that this is dependent on each wedding venue allowing us to fly and film at their location).

What techniques do you use for audio recordings?

We use a variety of audio recording methods, but for recording people speaking (in the ceremony and speeches) we use small discreet lapel mics. Audio clarity falls off exponentially the further away the mic is, and therefore lapel mics provide the best sound quality possible.

Will your filming interfere?

We are discreet and unobtrusive, filming on long lenses. This allows us to capture the day as naturally as possible, without guests worrying about being on camera. The biggest compliment we receive regularly is from couples saying they hardly realised we were there. Discretion is key and is the best way to capture relaxed natural footage. We let the day unfold and film in a reportage style without intervention. We do not use bright lights, and we keep our distance so as not to cause a distraction. We will deliver you a creative and professional wedding film with the minimum of fuss.

How long will my wedding video be?

Our signature wedding film is a short form edit – we compress all the events of the day into an extremely high-quality short film that captures all the atmosphere of the day and is perfect for watching again and again and sharing with family and friends – this is usually 4-6 minutes long like the examples on this site. The length of the full-length film will depend on the length of the ceremony, the speeches, any traditional dances and anything else that’s included in realtime. We do not set limits on the length of this film as we try to include as much as possible, so if it needs to be longer as is often the case with Indian weddings and Greek weddings then that is no problem!

Can we order DVDs/Blu-rays?

At last, USBs are taking over. For years it has been heartbreaking to film cinematically in 4K or HD only to then have it all compressed and made into a low-resolution DVD. We used to deliver our films on DVD, however, technology advances all the time and as a delivery medium DVD is now extremely dated. DVD is also only capable of displaying films in standard definition (which is four times LESS resolution than the HD that is commonplace today). Our cameras are all now 4K capable, which is 16 times MORE resolution than DVD is capable of displaying. We want you to enjoy your wedding films in the best quality available, and this is only possible with delivery on a USB Drive. DVDs are known to get scratched and stop working – with the USB Drive, you can save lots of copies and share them with whoever you like, and upload them to your preferred social media sites to share with friends.

Since we find very few clients require DVDs these days, and they are very expensive and time-consuming to produce, we’ve removed DVDs/Blurays from our packages which means we can offer our wedding film packages for less. Should you wish to have DVD/Blu-ray copies of your films then we offer this as an optional extra (please ask for details).

Do you film outside London?

We are based in London but operate nationwide and abroad. Should you be planning a destination wedding and looking for a cinematographer then please do contact us for further information.

Do we need to supply food for you?

Wedding days can be very hard work and any food that you provide your photographers and videographers is always hugely appreciated. Wedding venues will usually offer a reduced rate staff meal. I am actually a vegetarian, but none of my other cinematographers have any special dietary requirements. However, if this is not possible please inform us in advance.

Do you only film weddings?

We also film corporate, events, brand promotional videos, etc.

Are you insured?

We are fully insured. We have professional indemnity and £5 million public liability insurance.

What now?

Contact us to discuss your wedding video, once you’ve had your booking confirmed you can breathe a sigh of relief and cross ‘wedding video’ off your list…

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