This is a full cinematic record of your wedding day. We stay with you throughout the day, usually starting at 9.30 am we capture the bride’s preparations in the morning right through to the evening celebration. This package includes full coverage of the ceremony, speeches and filming at the reception until the last dance and party are in motion. Using two professional camera operators, we can capture you and your guests enjoying your day, whilst being constantly aware of creating a fluid ‘cinematic’ look and feel to the video with you at the centre. We also film personal messages to each other which are recorded before the wedding.

We also create a ‘Highlights’ film, a short 4-6 minute version of your wedding day that is uploaded to YouTube and can be shared on Facebook etc. This way family and friends can easily your wedding video wherever they are around the world.  We use our full range of cinematic equipment, professional sound recording tools, full edit and colour grade and custom soundtrack chosen by the couple. All prices include VAT.

Video Production Time: 2 Videographers filming for 8 up to hours each
Video Editing Time: 1 Video editor for 12 hours

• Bride preparations (usually 11.30 am)
• Groom preparations
• Personal messages to each other (optional)
• Preparation at the ceremony venue
• Groom arrival
• Guests arrival
• Bride arrival
• Full ceremony (including wedding vows)
• The signing of the register
• Photocall
• Reception
• Wedding breakfast
• Full speeches
• Cutting of the cake
• First dance
• Personal messages from guests (optional)
• Evening party (usually 7.30 pm)

• 4K or Full HD professional video production
• Personal plan developed before the wedding day
• 2 Camera operators with full production kit (8 hours each)
• A range of professional sound recording equipment
• Use of cinematic equipment (e.g. 3-axis camera gimbal etc)
• Full editing and sound mix in the professional edit suite
• Professional colour correction and grading

• Instagram highlights wedding video: 1 minute
• Highlights wedding video: 5 minutes
• Master wedding video: 45-60 minutes (depending on the length of service etc)
• Delivered on a USB stick in our signature wedding box



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